Carl-Gustaf Lagercrantz

Precious metalwork and lapidary have fascinated mankind since primeval times. Beautiful gemstones have always been a source of pride and admiration. In my work, my family and nature are the greatest sources of inspiration. Brooches in gold and gems, rings, silver butterflies, silver bowls, etc. are all a reflection of the surrounding nature. One has to work with open eyes, because the inspiration is out there.

My contact with my customers is as important as my knowledge of the different materials I am working with. One has to have the skill to blend the customers' wishes with the possibilities of the materials in order to achieve the optimal piece of jewellery.

In my work, it is important to preserve the heritage of old craftsmanship and to teach my own journeymen, who are beginners in the noble art of gold and silver smithing.

Carl-Gustaf Lagercrantz

The art of capturing the very soul in gold, silver and lapidary work is an effort that requires a deep inner strength. To preserve the inspiration on the spur of the moment, every creation provides the spontaneous inspiration for something new and different which I desire to make. I must remember to listen to what the different materials demand, and also how they reply when being transformed into new and mysterious things - the art of a metalsmith is truly magical!


  • 2011-2014 Konstrundan, Pro Artibus
  • 2009 Konstrundan, Pro Artibus 2010 Separate exhibition with custom made gold and silver jewellery at Nordea, Ekenäs
  • 2009 “Insideout”, Education in silver and goldsmithing 20years, Axxell, Ekenäs: Galleri Elverket, Pro Artibus. A crafted sterling silver pillow, 920g, with 18K gold dawns.
  • 2007 Separate exhibition with gold and silver jewellery and tableware at Andelsbanken, Ekenäs
  • 2004 “Spectra” summer exhibition at Hantverkargården, Ekenäs.
  • 2003 Special ordered silver items for the exhibition “Fred Ohert - in memoriam”, Ekenäs library.
  • 2002 Butterfly brooches, separate exhibition together with a moth exhibition at Ekenäs library arranged by Aronia/Sydväst as a result of a Natura-project about the moth in Tammisaari. I did the fieldwork of collecting the specimens as an experienced entomologist. Together with Aronia I also designed and built the exhibition.
  • 2002 “Light Flashes” summer exhibition at Hantverkargården, Ekenäs
  • 2001 “Vila vid denna källa”, summer exhibition at Hantverkargården, Ekenäs
  • 2000 Ekenäs Hantverkare rf: 10 years anniversary exhibition, Ekenäs. A bowl of silver leafs and within a glass bowl
  • 1999 “Experience” summer exhibition at Hantverkargården, Ekenäs
  • 1999 Archipelago handicraft review, Stockholm
  • 1999 Handicraft review, Ekenäs museum
  • 1998 Käden Taito, Tampere
  • 1998 “Art by the sea” handicraft exhibition at Knipnäs, Ekenäs


  • The eminent silver artist Olle Ohlsson, Stockholm, Sweden has been my mentor and dear friend since 1999.
  • 2009 Goldsmith, Salpaus Further Education, Lahti
  • Since 2004 teacher in lapidary works and silver jewellery and craft at Raseborg “citizen education”
  • Teacher for graduates from Axxell Institute, goldsmith program

  • Since 1998 I have been working as independent precious metal artist in my own studio.
    - Custom made jewellery in gold and silver and silver craft.
    - Restoring old gold- and silver jewellery and tableware.
    - Jewellery repairs and lapidary work
    - Restoring antique chandeliers and wall chandeliers

  • 1998 Precious metal artisan
  • 1998 Journeyman: gold- and silversmith Nyström & Kihlman
  • 1996 –1998 Adult education, Yrkesinstitutet Sydväst, “Axxell”, Ekenäs
  • Student 1970


  • 2001 Svenska Kulturfonden
  • 2008 Svenska Kulturfonden
  • 2004 – 2006, chairman for Ekenäs Hantverkare rf.


  • Entomological society in Helsinki, 1970.
  • Member of staff 1991 and accounting since 1993
  • Svenska Naturvetarklubben, 1973
  • Lepidopterological Society in Finland, 1974
  • Nordenskiöld Society, 1975
  • Societas pro Flora et Fauna Fennicae, 1978

    Hobbies and interests:

    Entomologist since childhood, animals and nature, gardening, music, art, photography, travelling, mineralogy, ceramics, archaeology, paleoantropology, ancient cultures.
    Freelance journalist (1968 – 1989) among others: articles about travelling, science and nature (Hufvudstadsbladet, Spegeln and Nordenskiöld annual edition).